Twitter a virtue Caliphate?

Muslims have become a protected group by Silicon Valley. Those questioning this Protected Group face lengthy SUSPENSIONS and BANS.

Twitter a virtue Caliphate?

It's not hard to find an account sluring Christianity or many other religions. But when it comes to the Muslim religion you'll struggle. We and many other conservative view points are suspended and banned everyday for voice our opinions.

In the above we made a joke based on the 'Verb' or 'Noun' definition of the group calling themselves the 'Muslim Advocates'. It's become clear that TWITTER has either ZERO humor, or more likely protects this group from the normal criticism directed at other groups.

However it could also be the reference to the 'SQUAD', the extreme left group of congress women that incite hate and spread lies.

The issue we have with Twitter like other social media platforms is we will never know, we will never get an answer to the direct questions. So we can only hope the US government will remove section 230 protection and highlight these platforms for what they truely are. BIASED propaganda outlets for hate groups.