Republican Announces Resolution To END Impeachment, Shut Down Pelosi's Obstruction Strategy

Senator Josh Hawley has announced the "nuclear option" of amending the Senate rules to allow them to dismiss the impeachment of Donald Trump without a trial due to "lack of prosecution."

Hawley is specifically targeting Nancy Pelosi's obstruction strategy of with holding the articles of impeachment against Trump. There is actually precedent in federal law for just that. But one thing Hawley isn't counting on is that Trump actually wants a trial and Republicans want to put on a show to provide support for Trump's innocence.

This could help protect other vulnerable Republican senators as well. Meanwhile Democrats are upping the ante arguing that newly leaked emails prove Trump ordered the hold on Ukraine and that there were questions over the legality of the hold.

This is not really new information though and just adds more evidence to the fact that this is a political impeachment based on an "orange man bad" narrative instead of serious legal concerns.


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