Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Largest ICE Raid In A Decade, Nearly 700 Arrested

Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Largest ICE Raid In A Decade, Nearly 700 Arrested. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted massive raids in Mississippi targeting 7 food processing companies.

Trump has repeatedly talked about impending raids and we have seen increasing rhetoric in the cultural debate over the issue of impending ICE Raids. In another story we learned that ICE tried to search a shelter and was turned away without a warrant.

While the twitterverse sees the conversation focus on the timing, far left accusations of Trump targeting all immigrants and not just illegal immigrants takes center stage meanwhile the real controversy brewing is how to assist the young children of the illegal immigrants.

Following the raids many children were unaware their parents would not be coming to pick them up and were left stranded. Journalists filmed the children crying and begging for their parents.

Democrats have increasingly embraced open borders rhetoric and called for the decriminalization of undocumented border crossings but most Americans oppose these ideas. Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who recently called for open borders, but if most Americans oppose this how do we help the kids?

While leaving the children unattended is not the appropriate response, neither is open borders.





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